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Saturday in San Salvador

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Today we had the privilege of visiting several families in the San Salvador Church that many of you have either met or heard about and been praying for, it was very faith building.  We met at the church building and piled in the van together with boxes full of groceries, bags of goodies and gifts from everyone at Turning Point. 

Josue Ortega and the Landaverdes brought us to the home of Angel and Inez first.  They were overjoyed to see us and although we showered them with love and presents until Inez said she felt famous, we were actually the ones who felt incredibly blessed.  Inez cried when we presented her with more gifts from the Gitto’s, especially moved when she heard that their son sent his own money to buy food for them.  Inez was also very excited to show us all the beautiful scarf she made for Mama Simone with the yarn their small group sent on the last trip. 

Next we went to visit William and Gloribel and their 3 children – we had so much fun with them.  What sweet kids, we even got to meet some neighbors they were sharing the candy Frank gave them.  Ato played with their son and Gloribel shared her story with us.  Everyone remembers Mel from her visit and she was personally encouraged to see them again because this time it’s more than “nice to meet you” it’s “so good to see you, how have you been” and she could see how the children have grown, the impact your generosity has had on their lives.

Then came a surprise for all of us, it turns out we were not far from SUCHITOTO so we were able to visit this historic colonial city that has a become so precious to our hearts.  As it is the holiday season, there are no children at the school that TP supports however your gifts to Mercy, Liz sent a big bag for Julio, are surely being delivered. We had lunch at Harlequin, did some souvenir shopping and then we headed out to see the next family…Robert & Luby Gomez. They recently moved into a new home and have the cutest little baby. They were thrilled to see us and had prepared arroz con leche for us (still warm, so yummy). Will & Vashti presented them with a box full of things they need and Luby asked to share a scripture with us.  She read 1 Corinthians 13 and when she said “if I give all I possess to the poor…but have not love” I cried and I think we all realized that the most important thing we can give to them is our love.  These families need and appreciate the financial support but words cannot possibly express what the love they feel from everyone at Turning Point means to them.

We closed out the evening with a delicious dinner at the Ortegas.  It’s been a life changing week for us all and we are overwhelmed with emotion.  Thank you so much for allowing us to serve here.  Please continue to pray for your brothers and sisters here in El Salvador, they love you and need you and are so grateful for the unity between our churches.  It is inspiring to everyone.  Your faith matters!

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