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Dedication Day

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Mission accomplished!  Today was a day of celebration.  The whole community came out to see the dedication of the well.  Sharon, Sandra and Leo drove out to Sonsonate to join us (Brad was very happy) and were able to meet the families we’ve spent this week with as well as our friends from Living Water.  Leo translated at the ceremony for Brad, Mel, me and most importantly Paul – who had the vision for our church to get involved with this project over a year ago.  To see this dream come true was just so inspiring.  Jenny (from the LWI staff and now a close friend of ours) read John 4:1-14 and it came to life before our very eyes. Of everything this well can do to change the community the greatest gift by far is the living water that Jesus brings. To be able to share the gospel and pass out Bibles to people who were literally begging for them was the greatest honor for us. 

It was wonderful to spend the afternoon playing with the kids down at the soccer field, enjoying the moment.  The guys got a chance to run around and laugh with the children who were so happy to have them. Even our camera crew got in on the action – I have to say, they have worked as hard as and much longer than any of us.  Matt, Lance and Erik were everywhere at once and have filmed National Geographic quality video this week.  When Erik was able to present a soccer ball to a boy who had been asking to play with him all week, and placed him in a position of leadership among his peers we all rejoiced with him.  And when Mel gave one to Franklin, who stole all of our hearts the first day and was at every class early, in the front row, just waiting for us, we wept. There have been too many emotions these past two days to process.

It was only fitting that our evening devotional turned into hours of singing – the old songs, foot stompin’ knee slappin’ hand clappin’ ones.  It was the most beautiful, hilarious, nostalgic and pure hearted singing you can imagine.  An evening of worship we will never forget!

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  • Donna Smith
    December 9, 2011

    Thank you Matt for taking videos each day! Helps me feel connected to what you are doing there.
    Deb, I'm so proud of you. I know there is so much you want to share & so much you will treasure in your heart that no one else but God will share with you. Thank you for your posts & for letting us be a part of your adventure. Love, Mom

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