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Welcome to El Salvador – by Deb de Flores

We arrived safely in El Salvador very early this morning after an easy flight.  The views from the airplane were absolutely stunning!  This is an exceptionally beautiful country.  We were able to see the Volcanoes National Park & Coatepque Lake perfectly.  It was breathtaking.  Upon arrival I experienced the friendliest passport control I’ve ever encountered (I’ve travelled quite a bit) they seemed genuinely happy to have us here.  The Landaverdes, Perkins, Maria & Marcelo, Julio and the gang greeted us with hugs and kisses, we felt like royalty arriving.  It is such a privilege to be here.  I know the teams that have been here before us have paved the way and the mutual love and respect our churches have for one another are instantly felt.  It is quite something to be known before being met.  

We all went to our host families for much needed naps.  I get to stay with Josue and Veronica Ortega and their adorable children Aldo and Monse – I believe I am the most lucky, but I am sure everyone feels this way about their hosts.  We met up again this evening at the Landaverdes home (they live in paradise) for a delicious traditional Salvadorean meal…that’s right, pupusas!  You would all be so proud of Leo and Sandra and the kids for how well they have transitioned and truly given their hearts here.  God is teaching them so much and using them powerfully.  The children grew so much already, Andres is taller than me, Aiden is writing in cursive and Alexa got to skype Violetta.  They are all loving their school, learning the language and have made many new friends.  Sandra is taking Spanish lessons twice a week and she’s speaking so well! 

At the end of the evening we watched an amazing fireworks display from their balcony.  In El Salvador, Christmas is celebrated all month long, beginning Dec. 1st they have fireworks every night! We had a full evening of quality time together and are all ready for a good night’s sleep.  Thank you to everyone for sending gifts, clothing, and so many donations – they are being delivered with great joy.  We can’t wait to worship with our cherished church family tomorrow morning!  Buenas Noches!!

6 Responses
  • Christian
    December 4, 2011

    Wow. I wish I was there with you. The adventure begins!

  • Tish
    December 4, 2011

    What an encouraging blog post! Great photo too! Thanks Deb!

  • Cary S. (Dad)
    December 4, 2011

    Deb .. I'm happy for you and thank God for your safe arrival. Wish we could be with you…Thanks for these updates, it's GREAT. .. Love Dad

  • Clara Quintero
    December 5, 2011

    PIctures are great!! Thank you Deb for keeping us posted. Have fun, can't wait to hear all of the great adventure stories. Hi Vashti!

  • Cary S. (Dad)
    December 5, 2011

    So glad we can follow your adventure on Jay's blog and Facebook. What an amazing opportunity for you all, and blessing to all you are serving. Love, Mom

  • Vanessa Mendoza
    December 9, 2011

    Awsome thanks for the update Deb… Can't wait to hear more

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