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las brumas

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Las Brumas is the name of a wonderful restaurant that we found on our first trip to El Salvador in November of 2009.  It is high on the side of El Boqueron, one of the volcanoes that surrounds San Salvador.  “Brumas” is a Salvadoran word for foggy.  They named the restaurant that because of the clouds and fog that often surround the place. 

However, today, it was NOT brumas!  In fact, the SUN finally came out!!  We were all so happy and giddy to see the blue sky.  The president said on the TV last night that El Salvador has received more rain in the last ten days than they normally do in an entire year.  Um, wow. 

So, we celebrated by spending time in prayer.  The group gathered at the Ortega’s home and had a great devotional together, then spent about 90 minutes praying for God’s hand to bless this church and the work here.  It was a really great time.  Even when we can’t “do” what we think we should do, God still lets us “do” something great by calling on Him to do what He does best.  It is great to be able to pray to Him. 

A friend sent me this quote in an email today:

“Prayer is the greatest of all forces, because it honors God and brings Him into active aid…Prayer is the easiest and hardest of all things; the simplest and sublimest; the WEAKEST and yet the MOST POWERFUL; it’s results lie outside the range of Human possibilities-they are limited only by the omnipotence of God!

I love that!  We are doing our best to bring God into active aid. 

After our prayer time, we drove up the mountain to Las Brumas and had a wonderful lunch, enjoying the clear view of the entire city.  Then we drove back to the church building, and helped put the finishing touches on the building, painting the parking lot, cleaning, and getting everything ready for the worship conference that starts tomorrow.  Please be praying for all the people travelling here from Mexico and Central America.  And pray that God will use Traci and I to inspire and encourage them with our message tomorrow night. 

The great news is that tomorrow, we will finally get to go to the school near Suchitoto!  We hired a large school bus, which my tour guide Julio promises me will be able to navigate the dirt (mud) roads to get to the school.  If I don’t blog tomorrow night, it is because we are stuck in the bus in a ditch somewhere. 

We have to try, though, because Liz is dying to go see Julio.  She tried to convince me that she should travel to the village tonight with the school principal, Mercy, and stay the night there.  Um…no.  As if I didn’t have any sense myself, Joe would kill me if I let his wife go there without us and stay the night.  It took Liz about twelve hours to forgive me for saying no.  Hiring the school bus was the thing that finally helped her let it go in her heart. 

So, the backpacks are packed, the bus is ready, the church looks great for the conference, Riggo went on a date, and we had great Chinese food at the Landaverde’s tonight.  Even in the midst of tragedy and heartache, there is much to rejoice about. 

In our devotional this morning, we focused on Philippians 3 and 4 – how our citizenship is in heaven and how we need to set out minds on what is true, noble, praiseworthy and excellent, but how so often the fogs of our circumstances can produce anxiety in our hearts. 

May the peace of God which transcends all understanding guard your hearts and minds, and chase away all the brumas that clouds your vision. 

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