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It is raining in El Salvador.  Really raining.  It stopped raining in San Salvador yesterday, but I suspect that was because we had travelled to a small town called La Palma, where it was…wait for it…raining.   As soon as we got back to San Salvador, it started raining again, and hasn’t stopped.  The president is on TV saying the devastation to the country is similar to a large hurricane. 

Yesterday was wonderful.  We spent Monday night in Suchitoto at a hotel, so when we got up, we had a great breakfast together, then drove to La Palma, a small artisan villiage where they make wonderful wood work.  Liz got incredibly carsick on the drive, poor thing.  We took the lunch at a wonderful restaurant.  While waiting for our food, we figured out they had wifi, so we were able to Skype in to Juan Carlos Mendoza’s baptism.  Riggo, his brother, is on the trip with us, so it was really special.  All seventeen of us (including the Landaverde’s) were gathered around my iPhone watching the sharing and the baptism, and crying.  Some of us were crying.  Well, Riggo and I were crying, at least.  It was really a great time. 

Last night, Traci and I got to spend time with the worship band here.  It was so great to hear their hearts and work on some music with them. 

We woke up this morning to no water at the Landaverde’s house.  Even though they live in a really nice place, there was an electrical problem that shorted out the engine for their cistern.  So, we still don’t have water.  I haven’t showered in two days, which is de-inspiring (yes, that’s a word) to everyone around me.  Leo wants me to be sure to share that he is carrying in several five gallon jugs of water by himself that we can use to flush the toilets, but that I didn’t help him at all.  He is an amazingly strong and resourceful man and I am in awe of him.  🙂

Today, we spent time talking and praying together about our experiences so far.  Then we spent the afternoon working in the church building here.  Jen, Tara, Liz, Ana and Jonathan worked on decorating the church and trying to make it look nice for the Worship Conference this weekend.  Jayelle, Traci and Trae worked on organizing the clothes we brought for the church and writing a bunch of thank you cards we can hand out to the disciples here.  Riggo and Curtis worked on fixing the electrical problems in the church buildling, and Luis painted one of the offices in the church.  He loves painting.  He is good at it.  I bought some new equipment for their worship band. 

Then, we had midweek service.  Curtis preached, and did an amazing job!  Ana, Riggo and Luis all shared about how God has transformed their lives.  It was really, really fun. 

Tomorrow, we were supposed to go to the University and have a Bible Talk.  However, all classes throughout the country are cancelled until next Monday, at least.  So, we will spend the time praying for the campus ministry, and then working on the church building all afternoon. 

I hope that everyone in the Turning Point will have the opportunity to come on one of these trips.  The lessons that God teaches us are amazing and life changing, and hard to express in words.  Please make plans now to come with us next year. 

Also, we will be having our El Salvador Missions Update Midweek on Tuesday, November 1st for the entire Turning Point.  Please make plans to come. 

love you all!

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