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Becas Program Update #2

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We had some great news from the Becas Program this week.  Not only are the students doing great in their studies, but they are helping to move people toward Christ as well. 

One of our students is named Francisco.  He is such an amazing servant and has been such a joy to the church there since he became a Christian about a year ago.  This program truly is a second chance for him, and he is very grateful.  He also is trying to help others know God like he does.  While on campus, he reached out to a woman named Jaky, and she came to the campus Bible Talk.  She studied the Bible and got baptized a little over a month ago. She has reached out to several of her friends and two of them are now attending church and studying the Bible! 

In my last update, I shared about Marco.  He recently invited his brother Gerardo, a musician, to come to church.  Gerardo also invited all the members of his band, and all five of them are now studying the Bible! 

Thanks again to all who are supporting this program! 

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