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Becas Program Update

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In January of 2011, over 40 members of the Turning Point committed to be a part of a scholarship funding program for college students in the church in El Salvador.  We called this the Becas Program.  Because of their generosity, ten of our brothers and sisters are now able to attend college, get a degree, and hopefully enter a career which will help them change the trajectory of their own life and the life of the family for generations to come.  I am so proud of our church and everyone who has been a part of this program. 

I wanted to highlight one of the students this week so you could be praying for him as he continues in his studies this semester! 

Marco Belloso became a disciple last August. He is 27 years old, and has a daughter who is 7. One of the major challenges given to him as he studied the Bible was that he needed to become a responsible parent giving financial support to his daughter.

He is VERY grateful to the church and for the Becas Program, but it hasn’t been easy. Marco never finished high-school and had to get his diploma through a program for drop-outs. Now, studying his first semester at the university, he sees how difficult it is to get good grades. But he is a very hard worker.

A disciple in the church in El Salvador gave him an internship position that gives him just enough to cover his daughter’s expenses (school, food, bus transportation) BUT it gives him experience in the field of advertisement, which is what he is studying. Marco’s goal is to pass ALL his classes this semester!

Marco is doing really well in his classes right now, and says “I wanted to say how grateful I am to all the brothers and sisters who are supporting us in realizing our dream of becoming professionals.” 

Please be praying for Marco and the other nine students who are a part of the Becas Program this year.  And thank you again for your generosity and support of the church in El Salvador! 

Also, please be praying for our upcoming offering  in August to help support all the needs of the church in El Salvador.  I can’t wait to see what God does through your hearts! 

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