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for all my single friends

Traci and I are just getting back from our annual Spring Marriage Retreat with the Turning Point.  Man, I love this church family.  We talked a lot this weekend about how God did not necessarily intend for marriage to make us happy, but rather, he intended marriage to make us holy.  When we view marriage as the goal that will bring us our “happily ever after,” we are expecting something from marriage that it was never designed to bring us. 

Anyhow, this reminded me of the importance of building your marriage on God from the beginning.  I came across this poem that I thought was so perfect in describing the challenges and issues that so many people face when trying to wait for the person that God has in mind for them.  I hope it will bring some inspiration and peace to those of you who are in that waiting stage.  To my teen and single friends, don’t give up on God’s plan, and don’t ever, ever settle.  Enjoy…

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  • Shaela
    April 20, 2011

    Wow thanks, Jay! How inspiring!!

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